Susanne Alt
Susanne Alt

Presenting: Saxify musicians - MAVIS ACQUAH

Mavis Acquah wrote the lyrics of “The harder we fight (the sweeter the love)” and sings the lead and backing vocals.
We met in august 2011, when we started working together with Roog and his act Hardsoul Live. It was the beginning of a series performances with Mavis until now, either with Roog, Dennis van der Geest or Dames Draaien Door/Ladies In The House and later Venus Tunes Live as well.

We had so nice gigs together and I liked her voice so much that I decided to ask her if she was in for an adventure. She had attended the Lion King school (Joop van den Ende Theaterproducties), but has been working mainly with House producers for years, but a funk tune was maybe a bit out of the box? She was enthusiastic about it and just a few days before her daughter was born we finished recording the song. I love her bright but soulful voice and I am happy we are continuing to work together, with dj’s and also in combination with the Saxify remixes… Here's the result of "The harder we fight":

Here's the Junie Morrison remix of it:

Mavis and I together with Hardsoul Live.

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on 08/10/2016


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