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King's Day Closure: SKYYBAR


This was in the evening of King's Day. I am still smiling, thinking about the Venus Tunes Live gig :-)
And I was not alone at Skyybar; still people hanging out who agree with me: Sleeping is boring.. we don't go home yet...Well, eventually I did go home. And had a very nice sleep!
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King's Day: Venus Tunes Live at NDSM Vrijhaven

Venus Tunes Live featuring MC SaraLee and Susanne Alt (dj/sax) today! 
SaraLee and I arrived at the venue, a bus called Het Rijdend Avontuur (The Driving Adventure) in Amsterdam Noord, at festival NDSM Vrijhaven.
It was cold but dry. Nevertheless people were enjoying the festivities. We were still not knowing what to expect because of the weather, the time of the day; 18-20h. People had celebrated King's Day all day long already and would be tired?
So we danced to the beats of the dj before us a bit to stay warm.. This guy was the dj: a 10-year-old boy! :-) 
Within one tune the switch had to be made... And then this happened: People stayed and more people came to dance to the soulful house/disco house  tunes...
...And kept dancing for 2 hours straight. Het Rijdend Avontuur had to stop at 20h sharp because of their license of the city of Amsterdam, otherwise the party would have continued. It was a great experience to spin music and play together with MC SaraLee for these lovely spontaneous people.
Video will follow later!

Go to the website of SaraLee's band Electric Love
One of the tunes we performed:

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Official release of Throwback feat. Fred Wesley (SoulParlor Remix) today!


SoulParlor's 'Throwback' remix is the 18th out of a series of remixes of Susanne Alt's latest album 'Saxify'. SoulParlor got their hands on several songs from the album..also check out their previous remixes of Susanne Alt's 'Saxify' and 'Open Up'.

'Throwback' features Fred Wesley (vocals, trombone), Susanne Alt and Scott Mayo(both alto sax).

Artwork by Teis Albers.

In march 2016 Amsterdam based saxophonist/producer Susanne Alt released her latest album 'Saxify'. It features 36 of her favourite funk musicians she met throughout the years. Amongst them are legendary musicians like Jamal Thomas, Rodney 'Skeet' Curtis, Michael Hampton, James Hurt.

For sale now at:


or listen to it first:   

Complete credits at Discogs

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