Susanne Alt
Susanne Alt

Vinyl Wednesday: Dayton - Hot Fun

The sun is finally shining in the Netherlands, time for some sunny music..
"Hot Fun" is a masterpiece of the 80's. A funk album with a couple of incredibly funky tunes...Read more about Dayton on Wikipedia.
This tune, sounds a bit like Earth Wind & Fire (EWF), with the horns and backing vocals; almost like you find an EWF song you didn't know it existed...

Just like EWF, Dayton has a strong emphasis on the groove and instruments which make it extra fun for me to listen to. There are vocals in every song but I think the groove and sounds are more in the spotlight. 

And my favourite track featuring Bootsy Collins:

"Boogie down down down...krackity krack, feel the funk"... That's my kind of lyrics. :-)

on 17/05/2017

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