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The Funk Store, 06-06-2017

Sometimes, things need a while.. The Funk Store was relocating but finally, last Tuesday, they surprised me with this review! Thanks a lot!
Check out The Funk Store - Your RareFunk Collectibles Authority, the home of true funk and P-Funk lovers all around the world. They do reviews and as the name indicates, it's a store, so you can order "Saxify" here, amongst other collectibles....
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Mainpost, 08-05-2017

Susanne Alt adds some pages to funk
Funk: It's in the nature of things that one has heard quite everything before.
Susanne Alt, born in Würzburg (1978), living in Amsterdam since 2004 (1998; red).
On her album "Saxify", she doesn't invent funk, but she adds more than some unheard pages to it, with the collaboration of famous collagues like Gary Winters and Fred Wesley.
It starts opulently with "Susie Saxophone" and reminds a bit of Prince. From there it continues dry and very funky with hip hop or latin flavours. Precisely (immaculate horn sections!), inventive and energetic. Just when one thinks you understand a piece, an unexpected turn follows. 
More conventional is th ballad "Angeldelic", a welcome stage for Susanne Alt's dense, dark tone.
"Saxify" is fun to listen to, especially when hearing it for the second, third and fourth time. If one wants to hear Susanne Alt live": 29-10-2017 she will perform as special guest together with a formation around Johannes Liepold and Dirk Rumig at the Jazzfestival of the Würzburg JazzIni. (MAW)
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File Under (26-08-16)

Thanks File Under for this nice review! Read the original text here

With a little bit of fear I insert the cd into the cd drawer. “Saxify” doesn’t sound promising. I have to think of Candy Dulfer, who’s career took off in 1990 with her album “Saxuality”. Anyway, it should be obvious that on Alt’s album - it turns out to be her real name - the saxophone has a leading role. The German is operating from Amsterdam, has been building her career since 2004 and performing along many artists.
When I hear the first tone it’s like I am entering a party and it’s not clear yet who has the main role.The funk influences of Prince and George Clinton are very present and not at all boring. On “Saxify” musicians like Fred Wesley (James Brown, George Clinton), Scott Mayo (Earth, Wind & Fire) play, but also members of Gotcha! and Tower of Power. Very fine. Fortunately Alt doesn’t fall into the trap of adoring them too much but knows how to fit the musicians into her own sound. The second track, also title track, she puts herself in a central role and doesn’t let go anymore.
The line up is different on every track- except for the lady on the sax - including vocals, but sounds like a whole, it’s one big party on stage and the changeovers are self-explanitory.
File under: Funky as hell
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Haarlems Dagblad Interview

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Thanks to Peter Bruyn for this great article!!!

Saxophonist Susanne Alt at Haarlem Jazz & More:
Improvising or colouring
Haarlem - Playing together with a dj is what saxophonist Susanne Alt likes most, she says. “Because I get the space to improvise and let it all out. But  playing along with a dj I also can step back and choose to only add some musical flavour to the record.” Susanne will play with dj Dennis van der Geest on Thursday night at Grote Markt.

She was born 38 years ago in Würzburg, Germany, plays saxophone since she’s 12 years old and decided to stay in the Netherlands after her jazz conservatorium study. More than 10 years ago she started her own jazz quartet which became more and more influenced by funk.

Maceo Parker
On her album “On Track” from 2009 there was a remarkable contribution of special guest Fred Wesley (trombone), known from his work with James Brown, George Clinton and Maceo Parker. Earlier this year Susanne surprised us with her luxurious double LP “Saxify”. Here she continues moving towards funk.
People who compare her with Candy Dulfer, got it wrong, the saxophone player says. “It’s so lazy. Just bcause we both are women who play saxophone. I have a lot of respect for Candy, as a saxophone player and her professionality. But our musical starting points are very different. Candy is more into David Sanborn, while I am rather inspired by Maceo Parker, Parliament Funkadelic, Bernie Worrell, Tower Of Power, and the horn section of Earth Wind & Fire. That deep funk. Heroes in my youth were saxophonists Joshua Redman and Maceo Parker. When someone pointed out that Maceo had worked a lot with George Clinton, a whole new world opened for me.”

E1 Ten
A common factor between “Saxify” and George Clinton and his groups is the big amount of musicians on “Saxify”, both musicians and vocalists. 36 musicians in total, at least 10 per track, sometimes more so the album sound is a bit overwhelming and inescapable.
The musicians include Lorrèn Rettich (performing wednesday night with her own group at Haarlem Jazz & More) and E1 Ten, (previous) rapper and singer of the Haarlem band Gotcha!.
“We were introduced by friends and I had seen him on stage with George Clinton. I invited him to my studio for an afternoon to record one track but it became two. He’s such a strong personality on stage. That’s why I wanted him on my album.”

Free role
Susanne likes to play with dj’s and she likes to play a lot. Sometimes five times a week, in clubs, festivals and parties. “ Then I have a free role and I enjoy a lot to see the crowd go crazy”.

She’s been working with countless dj’s: Maestro, Roog and also regularly with ex judo champion Dennis van der Geest. “I’ve known him for a long time. What I admire in Dennis is his focus on achievement. It’s inevitable that he’s always working on improving himself. Make it even tighter. Top sport mentality. At the same time, musically and artistically he always gets it right. If someone doesn’t have taste you can feel it, it sounds like crap. But Dennis never mixes the wrong key or something lik this. His choices are well-thought. He called me weeks ago to prepare the music for Haarlem Jazz&More. That’s Dennis.”

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Interview with

Thanks for being so curious about my activities!! It was a pleasure and honour to answer all of these questions.
Click to enlarge or go to the linkabove to read the whole interview.

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Melodiva 06-07-2016

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CD Tip june 2016
After 5 jazz albums and collaborations with house dj’s saxophonist Susanne Alt finally fullfilled a long-cherished dream to produce a funky dance album and released her latest album “Saxify” with 12 own compositions. For a really smashing result the Dutch - by choice - invited everybody who is anybody into the studio, from the Netherlands and USA, with Fred Wesley (trombone) leading the way, followed by Michael Hampton (guitar) and many others, more than 30 musicians. It’s is a pleasure, rich in variety, to listen to the 12 tracks; every track is sung by another singer who also (co-)wrote the lyrics. There is th hopeful “Life-is-good”-song “Open Up”, sung by Berenice van Leer, Lorrèn Rettich sings the immensely soulful title track. “The harder we fight” features the Dutch Mavis Acquah and mixed duets with Wesley&Co top it off.
Appearently it is the merit of producer Susanne Alt that the album sounds as if made from one piece, despite the recording process of 9 years. On the album she plays alto and tenor saxophone (and soprano-admin) as well as flute and sounds as if she never has done anything else.
“Saxify” is a must for fans of funk and wind players and is obligatory for dancing maniacs.
(Mane Stelzer)
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CultuurpodiumOnline 01-07-2016

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Susanne Alt makes a real statement with her new album Saxify

Alto saxophone player Susanne Alt let’s the listener swing with her new grooving and funky album Saxify, An album with mainly steamy tracks with jazzy, funky and hiphop influences. Neat riffs and tight saxophone sounds will be heard in your livingroom when the record is played.
Alt moves in a different direction with Saxify than before. She used to have more of a jazz sound of pure and melodic rhtythms. Nou she’s on excursion towards the other side of the jazz genre. Funk with swinging rhythms, vocalists and samples which can b heard throughout the tracks.

Tight solo
More than 30 guest musicians helping her to bring this album alive. On  title track “Saxify” vocalist Lorrèn, trombonist Fred Wesley and guitarist Bruno Speight can be heard. The singer has an important role. It’s a fresh and strong track. “Wednesday Funk” shows more of the musicians. Fred Wesley plays a nice solo and Alt lets it all out on her saxophone. The result is a tight solo and meets the ear pointed and nicely. In the background you hear the vocalists and it’s one big party.

It’s a bit different that what we are used to hear from her. And not just something different . Imagine you put 30 musicians together on an album. A whole new sound emerges and every track is different. It all stays in funk genre but sometimes she reaches back to jazz. It can be heard especially in her solos.

Melting pot
Not only guest musicians from abroad can be heard, like Rodney „Skeet” Curtis, Scott Mayo, Michael "Clip" Payne en Gary Winters but also Dutch artists like SaraLee Vos, Robert Glass, Mavis Acquah, Daan Herweg, Paul van Kessel, Hans Dulfer en Stefan Schmid. Mix those together and you will get a melting pot of musicians which communicate extraordinarily well together.
The album sounds nice and will be liked by many non-jazz-lovers. She put a funky sauce over it which makes it a unique production. When you listen to the album more often you can recognize the style of Candy Dulfer and makes the style of Alt which is very outspoken a bit more mainstream. Nothing wrong with it, because you hear something different and like that she shows that she has to offer diversity for her fans and music lovers. A delightful album for the sultry summer nights which hopefully will come soon.

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