Susanne Alt
Susanne Alt

Susanne Alt & Jamal Thomas: Sunny Garden Jam

This is the weather to have a garden party! Sun on Sunday!
I don't know how and where drummer/vocalist Jamal Thomas and his wife Nadine ordered this kind of weather but it worked.
It was my first time with Jamal on djembe!
We jammed some just before this video, for the people on the party, then spotted this idyllic spot and record a video for YOU.
I can see there's still room for improvement as I am rushing a bit and in 0:28 I skipped a beat. Sorry Jamal! I'll give it back to you next time when we do the "falling leaves" edition or maybe the "snow edition"?
Still, such a nice caption of jamming in the sun and the peaceful environment of the Belgian countryside.
Weblink Jamal Thomas: Tsahara Productions

on 11/04/2017

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