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Please vote: Saxify nominated for the Edison Jazzism Publieksprijs 2017!


Dear friends and music lovers,
Saxify, my album from 2016, has been nominated for the Edison Jazzism Publieksprijs, an important public award in the Netherlands.

This is a great honour, and it would be fabulous if Saxify would win!!!

You can help us winning; here is what you can do:
Go to, click on  “STEM NU” (it means “vote now"), under Saxify/Susanne Alt.
Fill in your email address and vote.
Confirm with the green button, “bevestig mijn stem” ("confirm my vote").
You will receive a link in your inbox which you have to confirm. It says “bevestig mijn stem” ("confirm my vote").
Thank you very much!!!
Kind regards,
Susanne Alt

Also the music press paid attention to this Award, how nice! Thanks Jazzenzo.
Here’s some more information on the album:

36 musicians contributed to Saxify. Read full credits on Discogs

Read the official press release by Fiona Bloom

Susanne Alt feat. Lorrèn: Saxify video clip:


The press about Saxify

(See all reviews and interviews on )

Jazzism (NL,May 2016): “Really a beautiful album!”

OOR (NL, April 2016): “Without any restriction: Saxify is a true magnum opus.”

Het Parool (NL, 25-03-2016): “On Saxify the whole funk history gets mixed up, while it also sounds contemporary and modern, streetwise also.”

Nederlands Dagblad (NL, 22-04-2016): “Saxify sounds uncomplicated and danceable, but musically the album stays fascinating and shows more depth than on might expect after first listening. (…) Saxify is - for our country - a rare funky album.”

Muziekweb (NL, 07-04-2016): “The admirable arrangements and Alt’s energetic playing stand out (…). This album puts Susanne Alt at once at the top of international funk acts.”

De Telegraaf (NL, 26-03-2016): “Funky Beach party”

Heaven (NL, July/August 2016): “Unusual Energy”

HMV Brand New Sax (Japan, march 2016): “This is a real groove grinder.”

Spiegel Online Kultur (Germany, 02-07-2016): “For her album "Saxify" the 38-year old put an explosively playing band together, (…) featuring Fred Wesley, the grand master of funky trombone playing.”

Limburgs Dagblad (NL, 31-03-2016): Alt (…) provides a layered and creative production and hereby prevents that this festive funk is played too much straightforward.

Jazzpodium (Germany, 06/2016): “Prince is dead but his spirit lives on. (…) Similarly to the deseased Maestro from Minneapolis Alt creates a funk mosaic of multiple exciting parts, digging deep into funk of the 80’s and 90’s. (…) Best way to listen: On vinyl!”

Lust for life (May, 2016): “Still, she doesn’t get stuck in the past because the album sounds fresh and vital, while Alt leaves her own signature very clearly.”

Maxazine (NL, 28-03-2016): “A heck of an album by this saxy funk ambassador!” (9/10)

Funkblog (NL, 08-04-2016): “The whole album sounds very good and naturally the saxophone playing by Susanne stands out. 

Saxophone Life (UK, April 2016): “if you’re looking for an album to put a smile on your face, this is the one - and you can get it on vinyl, too!

8Weekly (NL, 26-04-2016): “12 tracks, (…) none of them are ordinary, and of a high quality. One who suffer from narrow-mindedness, can’t place Alt, one who is broad-minded will enjoy many hours of listening pleasure.

Podiuminfo/Festivalinfo (NL, 06-05-2016): “Altogether, Saxify is a party with enviable guest musicians, and you want to join.”

Ntb (NL, 05/2016): “Top album!”

Allaboutjazz (Germany, 09-07-2016): “Saxify” is like fresh cheerful funk fireweorks. You wouldn’t guess it’s from North Europe.”

Cultuurpodium Online (NL, 01-07-2016): “The album sounds nice and will be liked by many non-jazz-lovers.”

Melodiva (Germany, 06-07-2016): “Saxify” is a must for fans of funk and wind players and is obligatory for dancing maniacs.”

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