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Susanne Alt


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Susanne Alt is a saxophone player and producer, born 1978 in Würzburg, Germany and based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Susanne grew up with both parents being musicians and music teachers.
At the age of 18, after classical saxophone studies at Meistersinger-Konservatorium Nuremberg (1993-1996) she leaves Germany to study jazz saxophone in The Netherlands at Hilversums Conservatorium/Conservatorium van Amsterdam (1996-2000) and continues her studies at Universität der Künste Berlin (2000-2003).
Back in Amsterdam she starts her own band, the Susanne Alt Quartet and also begins to play with dj’s.
In 2004 she debutes as producer with her 2004 release Nocturne on her own record label Venus Tunes. Worldwide performances follow.
In 2015 she has her first performances as dj/saxophonist.
After 5 jazz albums Susanne produced funk album “Saxify” which has been released in early 2016.
Throughout 2016 and 2017 remixes of the new material have been released. Read the long version
Read more about her bands and projects here


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susanne's equipment

Sax: Yanagisawa A991 plus Yanagisawa 'solid silver' neck A95
Mouthpiece: Vandoren V16 A5 M, Ligature: Vandoren Optimum, Reeds: Vandoren Jazz 3

Sax: Yanagisawa S 880
Mouthpiece: Vandoren V16 S6, Ligature: Vandoren Optimum, Reeds: Vandoren Classic 3

Sax: King Super 20
Mouthpiece: Vandoren V16 T9 ebonite, Ligature: Vandoren Optimum, Reeds: Vandoren V16

Yamaha Silverhead 371 II

Wind controller:
AKAI EWI 4000s

DJ System:
Pioneer XDJ-RX

Instrument Cases:

Live Sound:
Alto+ Tenor Sax: SD Systems LDM 94W Compact Wireless clip-on microphone
Soprano Sax: SD Systems LCM80EW clip-on microphone with Sennheiser ew172 instrument set
Flute: SD Systems LCM70 clip-on with Sennheiser ew172 instrument set
Audique Ultimate Ears (UE11 Pro) In-Ears, Sennheiser ew300-2 IEM-B-EU In-ear monitor set

Studio Microphone AKG C414B-XLS

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Press Kit

Royality-free pictures for press purposes. When publishing please be so kind to mention the name of the photographer: Michel Zoeter.

Saxify English  Saxify NL   Saxify Deutsch

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