Susanne Alt
Susanne Alt

Video: Susanne Alt Organ Trio live in Bastia/Corsica

While I am still working on the video from Bimhuis, Amsterdam, here's the footage of our concert in Bastia, Corsica (France).
I play together with Cyril Directie on drums and Hans de Wild (organ). A new formation which is also available for bookings :-)
So we have the 5-piece band, consisting of sax, keys, bass, drums, percussion; and we have this more compact setting with sax, organ and drums. This setting is known as Organ Trio, inspired by Fred Wesley's band "Generations". Let me know what you think in a short comment on Youtube!

What you cannot see in this video is the stress I had from KLM who lost my suitcase and until 30 minutes before this concert I didn't have an outfit.. All my clothes were gone plus merchandise and everything else..
It was hard to shop for an outfit in Bastia because of 2 factors:
People are of a different body size (I am 1,83m/6 ft tall) and women have to choice of only 2 directions: either you have to shop for a gown of €1000 and up  in one of the fancy boutiques or there's office, casual or lounge wear. 
Thank god for Mango on 4 Bd Paoli! Thanks to the 2 dedicated staff members I could fix this lovely outfit.
So what happened to the suitcase then? Eventually, after several days, my suitcase got delivered, but at the wrong address, which lead to more work and change of plans. Guess what, when flying back to Amsterdam, my suitcase was lost again, but resurfaced after 1,5 hours waiting. 
In the end, everything was solved, I got the money back and I had my gear.

Note to self and to others: Always put your stage outfit and a part of your merchandise in your hand luggage!

Thank you so much Jazz Equinoxe for the lovely booking and I hope to be back! Thank you Michel Maestracci for the great hospitality! Because everything was taken care of, we could forget the trouble during the concert and focus on making music for the lovely audience in a sold out venue.

on 13/05/2024


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