Susanne Alt
Susanne Alt

The Sit-Down Podcast with James Hurt-Susanne Alt-Saxophonist and Composer

Thank you James Hurt, not only for playing those great notes on my last album "Royalty for Real" but also inviting me for this conversation!
You could sit down and listen to it all at once or listen to it it bits... or take it with you while you are travelling...
German-born Amsterdam-raised alto saxophonist and composer Susanne Alt  joins us remotely for the next Episode of the Sit-Down Podcast to share her origins story of becoming an artist beyond compromise. The segment takes us from the earliest beginnings of Susanne as a young child with two educator parents that also happen to be musicians. From early experiences with music in the most holistic way in her home environment, to learning demands and expectations, Susanne takes us through the challenges of being taught by one's parents while also revealing through experience how learning styles can be drastically differ between young girls and boys. The layers continue as we explore the way in which saxophone informed Susanne's interest beyond the canon of classical music and into areas of American music such as gospel and later funk, soul, and jazz. A new recording celebrating Roy Hargrove, Royalty for Real, reveals a heavy influence the trumpeter had on the world, the Netherlands, and Susanne directly. Susanne also shares insights as to how one may realize one's full potential as a person who wears many hats as bandleader, marketeer, booking agent, producer, musician, and indie record label executive.  Background music by James Hurt.
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on 16/04/2024


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