Susanne Alt
Susanne Alt

Presenting: Saxify musicians - Tracey "Treylewd" Lewis

Tracey Lewis co-wrote and sings backing vocals on “Susie Saxophone”, together with Bianca Boom and Michael “Clip” Payne on lead vocals.

When I asked Clip who to give credits for vocals, he wrote to me: Tracey “Treylewd” Lewis and Bianca Boom. Nice surprise!

I haven’t met Treylewd in person yet; I did meet his sons Tra’zae and Trey, who are touring with grandpa George Clinton. That makes Treylewd a son of George Clinton. By my knowledge, he never tours in Europe, at least I haven’t seen him since around 2005..

Hope to meet him on day! 

Chck him out on Discogs 


And there are videos and songs. This song by Treylewd "Yank My Doodle" fascinates and intrigues me. It's just too funky.

In a version with his dad:

another version which features Michael “Clip” Payne:



on 30/11/2017


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