Susanne Alt
Susanne Alt

Presenting: Saxify musicians - Tomás Merlo Pascual

Tomás plays bass on Sugar Sweet.

I met him in around 2000 I think, he was one of the hottest and most versatile bass players in town, his virtuosity and musicality always amazed musicians and audience. People would go to Cafe Alto especially to listen to him. He was always on fire...
After a few years, Tomás, originally form Palma de Mallorca finished Conservatory and moved to Madrid, then moved back to Amsterdam, then moved back to Madrid for good.

After a few years of not seeing him we played together in 2011 at a jam Mano A Mano (during XXVII Festival De Madrid) where some great musicians were on and off stage:

If you want to see/listen more:

The Freepunk Ensemble on Soundcloud

Tomás’ Youtube Channel

His official Facebook page


Playing with Michael Brecker as a 23-year-old:


on 31/08/2017


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