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Susanne Alt

Presenting: Saxify Musicians - Paul van Kessel

Paul van Kessel sing backing vocals on "Open Up" and "The Sweeter The Love (the harder We Fight)".

I met Paul in about 2003/04, when I started to play with the club night collective Wicked Jazz Sounds, and due to our mutual love for jazz, funk and P-Funk in particular, we had a click. We had performed together so often yet never it was captured on a studio recording so when I needed vocals I really knew I had to ask him for sure to finally eternalize this vibe.

Paul van Kessel is an Amsterdam based singer and songwriter. Exploring jazz, funk & blues. Released two EP's. New album underway.. Touring solo and part of New York Round Midnight

Paul van Kessel was once inspired by music and that’s just the way the story began. Down in the southern province of Limburg, his high school music teacher was a great encouragement that led to extend his talent. One thing was certain: Paul wanted to be a singer and a musician. In his adolescence he figured out some guitar chords to his favourite songs, varying from the Beatles to Otis Redding. He played in a funk band for a while, and later decided to join the prep-course for the conservatory. Although necessary, school was not the place that would stir up Van Kessel’s music career.

In the following years, with some experience working here, there and around town, Paul came to see that what he had to do to ultimately make it to the music - was to work as hard as he could - so he did. This determination led to his acceptance at the conservatory of Amsterdam where he studied at the jazz department from 2001-2005.

Paul van Kessel’s endless perseverance opened doors to his musical calling, featuring several milestones, such as the Headliners, the Young Sinatras, the Wicked Jazz Sounds Band,  a "Nat King Cole" tribute for Jazzimpuls and many guest appearances. Before he knew it, Paul was gigging overtime! This was a very fun and especially meaningful experience. This striking guy has a remarkable, jazzy sound that adapts to the context it is in. Off stage he learned how to sing the note, on stage he taught himself how to sing right from the heart, convinced that his last word would make the difference in the hearts of the audience.

Go to his website for more information.

In 2009 with a bunch of interesting musicians... see Youtube video description for the line-up.

Together with Paul at Wicked Jazz Sounds Festival (2016):

on 06/07/2017


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