Susanne Alt
Susanne Alt

Presenting: Saxify Musicians: ODEI AL-MAGUT

Odei Al-Magut plays trombone on several tracks and has a solo on “The harder we fight (the sweeter the love).
I met him at Daan Herweg’s jam session (at NeL), I think he just turned 19, and as I found out, is a top talent from Rostov-on Don, Russia, born in 1994. He is a versatile musician and plays a lot. Touring with the Dutch National Youth Jazz Orchestra, a Europe Tour with The Temptations/Four Tops, having his own Quintet where he even includes Tibetan bowls and sea shells which add a contemplative sphere to the repertoire…
Right now he’s studying in New York City at Manhattan School Of Music and I am sure we will hear a lot about him in the future.
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on 06/11/2016


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