Susanne Alt
Susanne Alt

Presenting: Saxify musicians - Lex Empress

Lex Empress wrote the lyrics and sings lead and backing vocals on “Tudo Bem”.  Also she sings backing vocals and ad libs on “Throwback”. 

I met this magical woman many years ago, I think in 2002 or 2003 when first performing with dj’s. I am not sure anymore when and where, I was probably under her spell and she erased all my memories.… It could be a little festival in the Netherlands or maybe we met for the first time travelling to Luxembourg to perform there? She’s a person, when she stands in front of you you don’t know what to say until you figure out that she’s human. I’v seen many people getting strange physical reactions from her.. turning into stone or differently, their knees began to buckle and their stared at her and started to stutter when meeting her! When she enters a room, everybody turns his head. Of course, she’s Lex Empress.. or by the earth name of Alexandra Keijssers :-)

She travelled the world and performed everythere while I did my music studies in the Netherlands and recorded jazz cd’s with my band. 
Throughout the years we kept performing together because we have a common network. When our paths cross it’s always special. Different lives, but always instantly connecting when performing together on stage. I am glad I could capture her on Saxify.
Currently she resides in Ibiza and keeps performing all over the world…
Read more about her, this is her bio from the website:

Agency Bio

Be prepared to be blown away! Here she is; LEX EMPRESS! Weither it's hosting huge stages like Mysteryland worldwide or singing for 40.000 people at SENSATION Lex Empress can pull it off with an ease that is rarely seen. She is a brilliant songwriter for dance as well as Jazz and at the same time she is a star improviser.
With the brightest voice, stunning looks and warm personality she is travelling the world with the microphone in her hand. 

2011 at Jazz At The Lake

She sings, writes songs & records for Kraak & Smaak, Bakermat, Gregor Salto & Sven van Hees. She is the singer of Bakermat Live band and she is the heart of GLXYCHLD, a music collective based in Ibiza/Amsterdam, producing & performing their own Edge Electronic Music.
Her improvising skills are astonishing. She does interactive shows using direct input of the audience to create songs on the spot with improvised lyrics and music played by her band. One has to see it and attend it to believe it! With 4 octaves of vocal reach and singing in languages, Italian, Portuguese, French and English she blows away any audience while singing dance, soul, brazilian and jazz music. 
Due to her charisma, musical input and social skills she is an amazing experience to watch, listen to and work with. The Empress Of Improvisation; Lex Empress.
The Empress of Improvisation; Lex Empress

Performing Tudo Bem (DJ Spinna Remix), together with DJ ENO-C

Tudo Bem (DJ Spinna Remix) Studio version

on 29/06/2017


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