Susanne Alt
Susanne Alt

Presenting: Saxify musicians - Jerôme Hol


He plays rhythm guitar on Saxify, Wednesday Funk and Tudo Bem, In Tudo Bem he has a solo.

I met him probably 10 years ago as the guitar player of Hans Dulfer. He’s a person with a very own musical vision and identity. He’s able to play everything between swing jazz and funk/rock/fusion/metal. Jerôme always manages to fascinate musicians and audience. His build-up during a song in comping and in his solo’s are just so damn good…

Jerôme always incites me to do my very best. When I solo before or after him I try to keep the “damage” low by playing something really significant. Even when he goes to all the places in his solo people hopefully remember mine as well. In this way Jerôme is a true reality check for the musicians he’s playing with. 

More about him:
In the last couple of years Dutch guitar player Jerôme Hol has rapidly developed into one of the most original guitarists of his generation. Jerôme is the fixed guitar player of the Hans Dulfer Band and he shared the stage with Billy Cobham, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Michiel Borstlap and others. He won the first price at the Sena Guitar Awards (2003) and Amersfoort Jazz Talent Awards (2007).
In march 2017 his third solo album “Senak Peek” has been released; it features Glenn Gaddum Jr. on bass and Erik Kooger on drums. 
'Sneak Peek' is a big step in the development of his own sound. Heavy guitar fireworks in which he manages to combine heavy metal sound with the warmth of blues and the harmonic subtlety of jazz. Together with bass player Glenn Gaddum Jr. and drummer Erik Kooger, he delivers a cd full of heavy guitar fusion, blues and rock.

His solo on Tudo Bem in the DJ Spinna Remix(starts at around 4:00min):

Jerôme and me together a few weeks ago during Hans Dulfer’s birthday party at Melkweg:
Order of solo’s: Susanne Alt, Jerôme Hol and Candy Dulfer.

on 09/06/2017


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