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Presenting: Saxify musicians - Hans Dulfer

Left picture: Hans Dulfer at The Bulldog Palace; right picture: Candy and Hans during Hans' 75th birthday celebration in 2015.

Hans plays a tenor solo in “The Harder We Fight (The Sweeter The Love)" Listen on Bandcamp

Except for being well-known for being the father of world famous sax player Candy Dulfer, Hans is famous in the Netherlands for being a pioneer of jazz music but also crossing over genres as well as co-founding Bimhuis, being director of Amsterdam pop temple Paradiso and initiator of all kinds of stuff: Presenting radio shows, writing colums, negotiating neighbouring rights, he’s always attentive and on the look out for new music, new possibilities, new technology, and by the way a very funny personality.

How I met Hans: My first encounter was in 1995 when I was visiting North Sea Jazz Festival for the first time and I went to the jam session at Bel Air Hotel and I saw him jamming there. Later I joined him on stage at Cafe Alto, Amsterdam. I had to call Hans to ask for gigs there, he did the programming of Cafe Alto. He used to play there every Wednesday until until a few weeks ago. But he didn’t stop because he would retire, no… He took his band to another place in the Leidseplein area; Bulldog Palace, the former police office which is known for being turned into a coffeshop on April 1st, 1985.
So, for those people who remember Hans at Alto and wonders: Dulfer Wednesday is still going on, just around the corner!

Here’s what Wikipedia writes about him:

Hans Dulfer was born on 28 May 1940 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He began at age 17 and has been referred to as "Big boy" because of his album of the same name. At the end of the sixties he and Herbert Noord (Hammond organ) founded a quartet that played saxophone/organ funk. He has done a good deal of cross-over jazz or jazz fusion and even worked with Punk rockers at one point. He has recorded an album with fellow saxophonist Frank Wright titled "El Saxofón". He has comparatively high popularity in Japan,  where Hyperbeat was a top-selling CD by instrumental standards. Furthermore, Japanese film maker Masaaki Yuasa stated that he listened to Hans Dulfer's music while working on Mind Game.
Selected albums:

    Candy Clouds (1971)
    El Saxofon (1972)
    Express Delayed (1978)
    Big Boy (1994)
    Hyperbeat (1995)
    Dig! (1996)
    Skin deep (1998)
    Papa's got a brand new sax (1999)
    El saxofon (2000)
    Dulfer Dulfer (2002)
    Scissors (2003)
For Dutch readers there's a nice link of "Jazz Helden", jazz heroes: Jazzportretten - Hans Dulfer


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