Susanne Alt
Susanne Alt

Presenting: Saxify musicians - Glenn Gaddum jr.

Glenn Gaddum jr. plays bass on “Open Up”, You And Me”, “Angeldelic” and “Throwback”.

Glenn and I met during our time at Conservatory of Amsterdam many years ago.
He can make the singer/soloist sound good, but also can solo on an odd meter/uptempo tune and make it sound effortless. He truly lets his bass speak. He never “wastes” notes on his bass and always goes for the essential ones.
His musical frame of reference is huge, having grown up in a musical household with a lot of jazz/funk/latin music.
He’s quite perfect actually. Well, maybe one thing: I am not the only one who likes him so he’s a busy man, always working with great bands or often jamming at NeL alongside drummers Yoran Vroom or Jamie Peet. I am happy to have caught this fantastic musician on “Saxify” and hope to play with him more often in the future.

More about him:
Glenn Gaddum jr. was born in Alkmaar and raised in Amsterdam, Holland.
He came from a music-loving family and was influenced early on by his father, who was a piano player (jazz) and the owner of a recording studio, as well as his musical artistic extended family.
He displayed an early affinity for jazz music. By the age of fifteen he was already proficient on the bass guitar and piano and had begun composing music.
The electric bass, however, was his greatest love and by the age of sixteen, he was working regularly with various bands. Soon thereafter, he was playing bass and writing music for various artists.
Glenn also spent a few years as a studio musician. He has appeared as a bassist on all kinds of records.
He was a member of a successful group called the Mindmenders in which his sister Patt Riley (Patty Gaddum) was the lead singer.
In 1999, they won the 'Popprijs Amsterdam' award and the "Grote prijs van Nederland' award.
As the bassplayer of the Sanne van Hek Trio, he won the Dortse Jazz Price in 2003.

He playes and has played with:
N'dambi, Ferial Karamat Ali, Jose James, Postman, Patt Riley, Anouk, Frank Mc Comb, Anne Guus Teerhuis, Rebekka Ling, Boris, Sven Hammond Soul, Sanne van Hek, Rose, Raymzter, Dazzled KId, Waylon  and so on……

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