Susanne Alt
Susanne Alt

Presenting: Saxify musicians - Ewald Ebing

Ewald plays keys on 10 tunes of Saxify, almost all tunes except “Elixir” and “Throwback”.

We met (I think) in 2002 or 2003, when I was performing with coverband Brickhouse.  They are still going strong, starring vocalist Hugh Kanza, on his website promoted as “a worldclass entertainer”, and it’s true.
Brickhouse still is one of the most solid coverbands for many years now, performing mainly at private parties. Hugh always gets every crowd on the dance floor, even the most stiff one. He is not only entertaining the crowd but also the band at all times.
A great entertainer can only do his thing when he has a great band behind him.

Ewald Ebing is one of the best and most funky keyboard players I’ve ever heard. While working as a linguist at the Royal Dutch-Indonesian Institute, he developed playing keys, with just as much attention as he has for language.
He is really committed to use the right sound in the right moment, sometimes getting impatient over the fact that he only had 2 hands, or the fact that he wanted to sing certain backing vocals but couldn’t do it at the same time when playing a difficult pattern. So funny to see him struggle about trying the impossible. It’s called passion.
I’ve played so much with him for a period, and I knew I had to catch him on a recording, but on what kind of project? I was working with my own jazz band and didn’t really have time for other projects. Years passed by and finally, when “Saxify” was almost recorded, I knew I had to reconnect with him to spice up the album with all the cool key instruments and synths he knows how to play.. I will not go in detail which ones; you have to ask him…  Especially the self-built moog-kind-of-thing is the bomb…..
If you need keys on your funk you better contact this man! As well for recordings, but also lessons, bandcoaching, gigs..

on 26/01/2017


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