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Susanne Alt

Presenting: Saxify musicians - Bruno Speight

(left photo by S. Hardy/right photo by S.Alt, 2013, The Hague)  

Bruno Speight plays guitar on Saxify, Open Up, You And Me, Throwback, Tudo Bem, Sugar Sweet and wrote the music of "You And Me".

The problem is, that I cannot find anything written about this master of the guitar.
Fortunately we have Discogs.
Where to start? In the 90's, I discovered Maceo Parker and friends of mine from Munich took me to a concert. We had Maceo Parker's "Live On Planet Groove" on repeat. In 1995, after just seeing the band at North Jazz Festival I met Bruno at the afterparty at Bel Air in The Hague, the place where musicians and fans would join and attend the jam session, lead by George Benson.

Next time Maceo came to Europe, my friends and I met the whole band, including drummer Jamal Thomas and Maceo Parker, Pee Wee Ellis and Fred Wesley.
Here's "Shake everything you got" from that movie "My first name is Maceo":

We kept in touch over the years and in 2008 I invited Bruno and Fred as guests for my 2009 album "On Track". Here's a smoking solo by Bruno...

Before joining Maceo in around 1993 or 94, he had played with Bobby Byrd. Before that, he was the guitar player of The S.O.S. Band.
When I started to buy vinyl albums 10 years ago, I really got into The S.O.S. Band. The more I listened, the more I realised that I knew the music, childhood memories of teenagers dancing to it on parties.. but didn't know who it was! They had such big hits!

Look, not only Bruno (with a white cap) but also Jamal Thomas on drums :-)
Bruno Speight is one of the most funky jazzy guitar players on this planet and I am very, very happy that he plays on Saxify.Bewaren

on 23/03/2017


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