Susanne Alt
Susanne Alt

Presenting: Saxify Musicians - Bianca Boom

Bianca Boom sings backing vocals on “Susie Saxophone”.

She’s a friend of Michael “Clip” Payne and when I asked Clip who to give credits for vocals, he wrote to me: Tracey “Treylewd” Lewis and Bianca Boom! Nice surprise!

So we became friends on Facebook and there I see her public activities: She has an open mic hip hop jam at The Lodge in Woodstock and performs with various bands. Here’s what she wrote on her Soundcloud Page about herself: 

Vocalist for Boom One Records; an International Dub and Electronic music label based out of Boone, NC.

Also and independent artist whose works are the sounds that spill off your back porch deep out in the woods, whatever so the mood may be at the time. Blues, Country, Folk, Reggae, Hip-hop. Dub. Dig my mad styles. One Love

That sounds like a really nice person. Hope to meet her live once!

Chck out her sessions: Bianca Boom Presents Hip Hop In Da Woods

And the label Boom One Records:


on 23/11/2017


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