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Presenting: Saxify musicians & beyond - Robert Glass

(left: Rodney "Skeet" Curtis, right: Robert Glass)

Robert Glass is credited as project manager, backing vocalist of Saxify, Wednesday Funk, You And Me, Elixir, for clapping hands in Wednesday Funk and Throwback and blowing a few notes of trumpet in the background of Sugar Sweet. In addition, he recorded most of the vocals and sax solos at Sapphire Studio. Also, he made uncountable intermediate mixes of the recordings and kept the overview and made backups of the project.
For many years now we've been a team, professionally and personally. 

Robert Glass used to be a basketball player in his youth. After he got in touch with ska, go-go and funk music he became a musician in his late teens, playing trumpet on the first album of Gotcha! and having his own also successful band, the Skatologicals.
Later, he moved on to working in film industry. But music kept calling "Robert, Robert, come to me" and when he met me, his neighbour girl, in his street in 2005, somehow things came together. We exchanged music and over talking about music we became more interested in each other.

He picked up the video camera and documented a lot of concerts of my band and other projects I've been involved with, starting in the summer of 2006. 
For me, the year 2006 marks meeting James Brown in person, in Istanbul, of all places. I was playing on the Istanbul Jazz Festival and we booked a few days earlier to do some sightseeing of this beautiful city. We bumped into the band of James Brown! I even got to have a photo with James Brown (photo by Robert Glass): 

What's not in the picture: The day before the show and also the night after the concert I ended up jamming with James Brown's band and it was a fabulous evening. Of course Mr Brown was sleeping already, but his almost complete band was hanging out and wide awake.
At that time, we only had little mobile phones; Robert tried to film the jam.. it was too dark and the sound was totally distorted, what a shame... From that moment on, Robert and I sworn to ourselves to always take the video camera with us and be able to film everything. Now we are more than 300 videos ahead.. 
Except from being versatile, other abilities of Robert are persistence and focus. Having many interests is great but can be confusing. He helped me thoughout the years to focus.  It's simple: Without him, Saxify and the previous albums wouldn't be finished. 
No joke, "Saxify" should be called "Robert Glass" :-)

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