Susanne Alt
Susanne Alt

Presenting: Saxify musicians and beyound: Ted Orr

Ted Orr recorded the vocals of "Susie Saxophone".

We never met in real life, only exchangd some friendly words on Facebook; hope to meet Ted live some time!

Since I am writing about everyone who participated in creating "Saxify", here's some information on Ted's website Orr Media Company and his studio Sound Hive Studio, formerly Sertso Studio.

The audio department's recording studio is located in Woodstock, NY. Formely Sertso Studio, recording facility owned by world renown composer/musician/educators Karl Berger & Ingrid Sertso with composer/musician Ted Orr as head engineer. now Sound Hive Studio together with Ted's son, James Orr.
It is a ProTools HD based  Full professional services include tracking, editing, mixing ,mastering, and audio restoration, as well as production and arranging support. Sertso Studio, recipients of two Grammy Foundation grants, is home of the highly acclaimed Creative Music Studio archive.

on 06/01/2018


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