Susanne Alt
Susanne Alt

Presenting: Saxify musicians and beyond - Roeland Jacobs


Roeland plays keys on Open Up, Throwback and You And Me and added hand claps on Wednesday Funk and Throwback. On top of this, Roeland mixed the whole album.

(Robert Glass and Roeland Jacobs)

A few years ago I took part in the recording of a lovely singer and her producer who turned out to be a desaster… It was the most horrible studio experiences ever: I agreed to recording a few tunes for free because I liked the singer and saw it as a favour towards the sound engineer who I new well. But: There turned out to be a "producer". I was stuck in this nice studio somewhere in Belgium with this dictator person. Normally I would have left. But: I just had my driving license for one week but didn’t dare to drive yet, as the studio was all the way in Belgium. So, unfortunately I couldn’t escape this situation. At some point we had computer problems but there was a deadline so the "producer" really went nuts. As time went by and the studio day was looking like becoming an endless abduction, the musicians were just sitting around in captivity and slowly but surely getting hungry.. So imagine: hungry, stuck with this shitty producer and no end of this recording session in sight.

Luckily, the guy from the studio turned up; It turned out to be Roeland Jacobs. He overlooked this awful situations and took us to a restaurant. Thanks Roeland for rescuing us.. 

Roeland during a party at the studio

A few years later, my dear colleague Berenice van Leer told me that her brother Roeland moved the studio from Belgium to just outside Amsterdam. I just planned to record a new album (which would become “How to kiss”) and chose this beautiful studio with a nice API mixer and 4 rooms with eye contact, great surroundings and cosyness. Oh yeah!  

For Saxify, Roeland played on his stepfather’s Hammond L100 and grand piano.

What more to say about Roeland: 
I can’t find a cv online. I know he studied music in Rotterdam, played, wrote, arranged and produced for vocalist Laura Fygi, is the son of musician and producer Ruud Jacobs, his uncle was Pim Jacobs, his step father is Thijs van Leer (Focus), in his family are several musicians who also play together from time to time. Aso, he's teaching at the Haarlem Conservatory. It’s nice to have Berenice and Roeland together on Open Up. Roeland is a very skilled musician, engineer, producer and great person. Check out the studio: WedgeView Studios.

From left to right: Thijs van Leer, Udo Pannekeet, Susanne Alt, Roeland Jacobs 

on 22/06/2017


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