Susanne Alt
Susanne Alt

Presenting: Saxify musicians and beyond - Laura Fuchs

left: with the Funk Soul Sisters about 10 years ago. right: At North Sea Jazz CLub; Laura together with Fred Wesley.

Laura sings backing vocals on Wednesday Funk and also did hand claps in Wednesday Funk and Throwback. 

... Musicians and "beyond"? Yes, in this case there are several meanings. A friendship since the 90's for example. We met during a jazz workshop in Erlangen on our birthday. Laura turned 18, I turned 17. We both played saxophone and were crazy about jazz and funk. Since we were often the only girls our age, apart from singers, who were often not mingling with. We thought we're the cool girls, partying, staying up late... We loved to be around musicians and being caught up in the mix of listening, jamming, partying and meeting people. Bimhuis, North Sea Jazz Festival and other festivals.
Together we've been seeing many great concerts and sharing funny and bizarre moments. Also she often helped me with driving musicians to studio recordings and in my pre-driving license time, she drove me from one gig to another...

left: Robert, Laura and Susanne enjoying birthday lunch. right: Laura Fuchs, Susanne Alt and Verena Counihan-Heider at a concert in Paradiso. 

Nowadays, she's still performing/jamming sometimes, often with her boyfriend Federico, who's a guitar player.
She's manager in a market research company. A really nice company though; Laura and I started there in 2000 as a sideline and we became colleagues. While I went into music full-time, she climbed the ladder in her company and became supervisor in the international department.
And because Robert, Laura and I have the same birthday, we always try to celebrate it together, this year was her turn to have a party, next year it's mine..

on 25/04/2017


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