Susanne Alt
Susanne Alt

Official release of Elixir (Inkswel Remix) today!

Inkswel's 'Elixir' remix is the 13th out of a series of Susanne Alt's latest album 'Saxify'.
Lead vocals: SaraLee Vos, intro: E1 Ten
Artwork by Teis Albers.

Former b-boy and ‘drum machine obsessive’ Inkswel has laid the foundation for something refreshing, heavily rooted in his hip hop upbringing. It was the dance itself that inspired him and led him into different territories and vibrations, eventually being inspired by all types of soulful music. Inkswel first popped his locks downunder in Australia, where he began life as one Jules Habib, but his cosmopolitan outlook on music and life has taken him places, of late: he’s now as at home in Berlin and Amsterdam as in Melbourne and Adelaide, all cities where he has put in studio time.

In march 2016 Amsterdam based saxophonist/producer Susanne Alt released her latest album 'Saxify'. It features 36 of her favourite funk musicians she met throughout the years. Amongst them are legendary musicians like Jamal Thomas, Rodney 'Skeet' Curtis, Michael Hampton, James Hurt.

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on 16/02/2017


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