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Susanne Alt

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Susanne Alt Celebrates Roy Hargrove's Influence in Modern Jazz

"Royalty For Real" by Susanne Alt is a passionate tribute to one of the giants of modern jazz: Roy Hargrove. This work not only embodies the essence of modern jazz but also pays a respectful homage to the extraordinary legacy left by Hargrove in the world of music. Through this project, Susanne Alt, a renowned saxophonist based in Amsterdam, offers the audience a unique and engaging sonic experience, woven with emotions and inspirations.

Susanne Alt's Biography

Born in Germany, Susanne Alt took her first steps into the world of music as a classical saxophonist during her adolescence. However, her love for jazz led her to move to the Netherlands at the age of 18 to study jazz saxophone. Since then, she has been a part of the vibrant music scene in Amsterdam, distinguishing herself for her versatility and the ability to blend tradition and innovation. In addition to her solo career, Alt is a member of the eponymous jazz quartet and is part of the all-female dance music group, Venus Tunes Live, which also gave its name to her record label. Her music reflects a deep understanding and overwhelming passion for jazz, manifested through her warm and engaging sound enriched with soul, blues, and funk influences.

"Royalty for Real"

Susanne Alt's album "Royalty For Real" offers a series of compositions that embrace a variety of styles and influences. With her warm and rich alto saxophone tones, Alt guides the listener through a sonic experience that skillfully blends elements of soul, blues, funk, and, of course, jazz.

The album features a series of original compositions by Alt, including "Blue Notes & Fairy Tales," capturing the soulful essence of the album with its enveloping melodies and engaging rhythm. "Bel Air Bop" is an ode to late-night jam sessions at The Hague's Hotel Bel Air, where Alt frequently performed with Roy Hargrove after North Sea Jazz Festival shows. Alt and Hargrove performed together in numerous jam sessions after festival performances in Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States, creating a unique musical connection reflected in the warmth and emotion of "Roy Allan." This track, the only one written by Roy Hargrove on the album, serves as a tribute to the father figure.

Alt also explores classic tunes like Hoagy Carmichael's "The Nearness of You," offering delicate and engaging reinterpretations. The album includes "Rue Lepic," a tribute to Hargrove's classic "Strasbourg Saint-Denis." There's also a gentle rendition of "The Nearness Of You," a ballad often heard in Hargrove's repertoire.

Sound Recording & Featuring

The album was recorded at EastSide Sound in New York City, capturing the energy and intimacy of live performances. The personnel includes some of the finest musicians in the American jazz scene: Gerald Cannon on bass and Willie Jones III on drums, who played for several years with Roy Hargrove himself. James Hurt on keyboards, known for his versatility, has collaborated with artists like Abbey Lincoln, Sherman Irby, and Jacques Schwarz-Bart.

With organic production and a raw, intimate sound, "Royalty for Real" gives the listener the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the interaction and interplay among quartet members, capturing the essence of jazz in all its splendor.

In the Netherlands, the project includes Susanne Alt (alto sax), Timothy Banchet (keyboards), Thomas Pol (bass), Yoran Vroom (drums), and Danique Kos (percussion). "Royalty for Real" is Alt's sixth album.

Modern Jazz and Roy Hargrove's Legacy

In critical analysis, "Royalty for Real" by Susanne Alt has garnered attention from numerous music critics and specialized sites. All this attention confirms the artistic value and executive ability of the artist and her ensemble. The album has been praised for its skillful intertwining of different musical genres, creating a captivating and engaging sonic experience. The tribute to Roy Hargrove has received recognition for its authenticity and the deep emotional connection that Alt has been able to convey.

Expert Verdict

Music critics and industry experts have praised Susanne Alt's technical skill, emphasizing her warm tone and the ability to convey emotions through her alto saxophone. The adept use of real instruments and collaboration with high-caliber musicians have contributed to shaping an album distinguished by authenticity and powerful sound.

Shared Thoughts

We share the favorable thoughts of figures like Larsen or Harris, but our review aims to highlight Susanne Alt's particular role in the world of music, emphasizing her dual life as a musician and DJ. The monthly sessions airing every first Sunday at 7:00 PM add an extra dimension to the artist, as she herself declares, adding "another facet to my musicality." This peculiarity, for us, is identified as a key element that contributed to making the tribute to Roy Hargrove a record that keeps the trumpeter's legacy alive. Don't miss the opportunity to listen to "Royalty for Real." This time, don't miss the chance to bring home a valuable record.

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