Susanne Alt
Susanne Alt

Mainpost, 08-05-2017

Susanne Alt adds some pages to funk
Funk: It's in the nature of things that one has heard quite everything before.
Susanne Alt, born in Würzburg (1978), living in Amsterdam since 2004 (1998; red).
On her album "Saxify", she doesn't invent funk, but she adds more than some unheard pages to it, with the collaboration of famous collagues like Gary Winters and Fred Wesley.
It starts opulently with "Susie Saxophone" and reminds a bit of Prince. From there it continues dry and very funky with hip hop or latin flavours. Precisely (immaculate horn sections!), inventive and energetic. Just when one thinks you understand a piece, an unexpected turn follows. 
More conventional is th ballad "Angeldelic", a welcome stage for Susanne Alt's dense, dark tone.
"Saxify" is fun to listen to, especially when hearing it for the second, third and fourth time. If one wants to hear Susanne Alt live": 29-10-2017 she will perform as special guest together with a formation around Johannes Liepold and Dirk Rumig at the Jazzfestival of the Würzburg JazzIni. (MAW)

on 11/05/2017

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